Help us Soar to New Heights with Chromebooks!
One way we will Soar is on the wings of strong STEM and Reading initiatives.

Students using Chromebooks in our Math Department will have access to the best that mathematics has to offer. The graphing and modeling capabilities are beautiful and easy to use. Students gravitate to the meaningful representations! The Math teachers are ready to use these Chromebooks in their classrooms. They will be used in Algebra I, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus and Calculus courses. (They are being used currently in the Calculus classroom with the Chromebooks from Giving Tuesday 2017. We have 2 more math classrooms that need Chromebooks too!)

The Elementary buildings' Neo 2's are no longer compatable with the Accelerated Reader program. These are being replaced with Chromebooks so our students can continue with this program that is being utilized in the 1st-6th grade classrooms and Library programs!

Chromebooks are used throughout the curriculum in several ways.
~Collaboration between students
~Collaboration between teacher and students
~The use of the Google Education suite to facilitate on line learning
~The ability to use online programs to review state standards and complete state testing
~The ability to create a more unique educational experience for students at different levels