"Who knows how much good will go undone
because we failed to educate one child."
~Rev. Arch Thomas,
former superintendent of Catholic Schools,
Catholic Diocese of Toledo

Welcome New Families to Norwalk Catholic School

The Norwalk Catholic School offers our students an outstanding academic program coupled with strong Catholic/Christian environment. Every day we strive to live up to the tenets of our mission statement.
Mission Statement
Develop Disciples of Christ
Promote Academic Excellence
Foster a Respectful Community

Traditions associated with our Catholic Schools have proudly served the Norwalk area for more than 150 years. Our test scores are among the highest of any school in the Toledo Diocese and our tuition remains among the lowest. Our continued success is the result of the hard work of our staff, students, parents and community. Our longevity is the result of many generations of committed parents and parishioners to Catholic education.

I urge you to learn more about our schools and our history by using the provided links. It is our hope that the format is easy to follow and allows for simple navigation of our many sites. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns.


Dennis J. Doughty
President, Norwalk Catholic School

Applications for transfer students are accepted throughout the year. Acceptance is based, in part, by space available.

Questions about tuition? Contact Julie Grine at 419-668-7223 ext. 275 or tuition@ncsmail.org.

Would you like to schedule a tour? Do you have questions?

Contact the admissions office at 419-668-7223 or email admissions@ncsmail.org.