Soaring to New Heights!


Our Past

For nearly 200 years we have built on the legacy of faithful, humble immigrants who from nothing created the first Catholic settlement in our area.  Catholic education has been a seed, planted many years ago with the creation of our first parish and continues to grow to this very day.  Today, we continue the sacrificial and faithful legacy of those who have given us the life-changing gifts of faith and knowledge through our parishes and schools.  It is upon the wings of so many we continue to fly….

Our Process

In 2017, the FCEDO Board and the Norwalk Catholic School Governing Board invited and engaged all constituents of our Faith Community to gather at four “Setting Our Direction” dinners. “How can the school best serve our community now and into the future?” was the question.  Working together these committed individuals shared desires, priorities, needs and dreams for a vibrant yet sustainable future for Norwalk Catholic School.   Through these gatherings, countless meetings and conversations, an extensive list of opportunities for growth, and a clear, consistent vision for the future emerged.

Our Plan

We must have both the courage to dream and the sacrificial investment to sustain our proud legacy and continue to instill our Catholic faith for generations to come.  Success requires thorough financial planning and a great deal of faith.  Planting and growing the seeds of our Endowment now is not only a sound investment in the future of Norwalk Catholic School, but the most effective means to serve as Stewards of our mission and achieve our goals. By increasing our FCEDO Endowment fund we will be best able to:

  • Prepare our students spiritually to respond to God’s call of service to others. Continue providing resources and experiences, guiding their Discipleship journey not only as students, but as they continue spreading the Gospel message in communities around the world.  Work to inspire and invite greater engagement by our school families in our parishes and places of worship.
  • Competitively recruit and retain mission-driven, competent faculty and staff by providing a sustainable living wage and abundant professional development opportunities.
  • Exceed the expectations of all families seeking outstanding educational and faith formation experiences in our area.  Work with purpose and passion to ensure every family that desires an excellent, Catholic education is served compassionately, provided with equal resources and opportunities for their children to be successful in our school. 
  • Integrate Technology, effectively and efficiently in our classrooms by providing skilled faculty training and development while exposing our students to the most innovative applications and advancements of technology in the industries of today and tomorrow. 
  • Provide state-of-the-art STEM resources in addition to a challenging and balanced curriculum, inspiring all to be open to new possibilities.  Further develop life-skills programming and student experiences with our strong community partners in business and industry to further enhance our curriculum and prepare our students for their life’s journey beyond the walls of our school.


Our Purpose

When one considers the pace of change in today's evolving world, it is vital for Norwalk Catholic School to continue to meet the demands of the new realities that our students and families face.  Sustained instructional improvement is paramount as we advance our curriculum to meet the needs of our time.  To achieve new heights requires a combined effort among students, parents and educators.  Raising the level of expectations of all will position us to mold our students into strong community leaders of tomorrow.

Now it is our time to navigate the horizon ahead.  Together, through investment, sacrifice and commitment we all will embark on this journey to create our school’s future. The course behind us has a deep, meaningful legacy.   Our future is in our hands, the believers, the dreamers and achievers. It is our time – young and old, native and new, to Take Flight for the future of Catholic Education in Norwalk.   Today, we answer the call as a Family of Faith, and invite others throughout our community to embrace the Direction that has been set.   We invite you to join us as we Take Flight and Soar to New Heights!

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Your commitment to our mission is the spark that keeps it going...

* Keeping tuition affordable.
*Attracting strong, talented teachers.
*Maintaining a beautiful campus.
*Building a solid curriculum and growing technology.
*Sponsoring students who could not be here without you.


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