Norwalk Catholic School



October 20, 2017


Menu: Boneless Wings, Broccoli w/Cheese, Veggie Tray, Pineapple, Pretzel and Milk

Option 2 – Available Every Day: Peanut Butter/ Jelly or Small Salad, Cheese Stick, Goldfish Crackers, Daily Fruit and Vegetable and Milk


Lunch Hour: All Students will be outside today.


Happy Birthday to:  Adam Roth tomorrow!!!


Corny Joke of the Day: What do witches use on their hair? ....... Scare spray !


Today is the Feast of St. Paul of the Cross: Paul Daneo was born in northern Italy, into a family of merchants. He was a good and pious Christian who practiced his faith. When he was nineteen years old, Paul decided to become a soldier, but after one year he left the army. During the summer of 1720 Paul had three visions (in his dreams) about starting a new religious order. He couldn't understand what was happening, so he went to his bishop for guidance. The bishop studied his case and believed that the visions were real. He told Paul to go ahead and do what he was being told to do in this special call from God. Paul spent forty days in prayer and penance. He then started the order called the Barefoot Clerks of the Cross and the Passion (Passionists). Paul was joined by his brother John and two other young men. Paul and John were ordained priests by the Pope. Ten years later, they started the first Passionist monastery. The Pope approved the new order. He also agreed to the new rule St. Paul added, a short time later. Besides the three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, Paul of the Cross added a fourth vow: devotion to the passion of Christ. By 1747, the Passionists had three monasteries. They were preaching parish retreats everywhere in Italy. Paul was a preacher of such power that even tough soldiers and bandits cried when they heard his sermons. St. Paul asked people to imitate the patience of our dear Jesus because this is the height of pure love and to practice heroic goodness through patience that has been strengthened by courage. He wanted people to live in such a way that others may see in them Jesus crucified, the model of all gentleness and mercy. Before he died in 1775, Paul of the Cross also started a congregation of Passionist nuns.


Today is National suspender Day! Suspenders are an accessory made of straps of fabric or leather that cross over a wearer's shoulders and hold up their pants. Suspenders usually form an X or Y shape on the wearer's back, and attach with clips or buttons. Modern day suspenders were invented in 1820 by Albert Thurston.In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries they were almost universally worn, because most people wore high cuts pants, which made belts impractical. Samuel Clemens, better known by his pen name, Mark Twain, received an early patent for suspenders in 1871.


Fun Fact of the Day: In Britain suspenders are known as braces, and in the nineteenth century they were sometimes called galluses.

Have a Great Day!!