Norwalk Catholic School



September 25, 2018


Menu: Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes/Gravy, Corn, Veggie Tray, Peaches, Garlic Toast, Milk

Option 2 – Available Every Day: Peanut Butter/ Jelly or Small Salad, Cheese Stick, Goldfish Crackers, Daily Fruit and Vegetable and Milk


Lunch Hour: All Students will be outside today.


Happy Birthday to: None today!!


Corny Joke of the Day: Why did the picture go to jail? ..................Because it was framed!


Red Team News: The Red Team sings for the 9:00am School Mass tomorrow morning.  Our cantors are Stephanie Schaffer and Lucy Kowalski.  Meet in the Choir Room at 8:15am for warm-ups.  Please listen to your CD and practice the music.  Don’t forget to bring your folder!!!


Today is the Feast of St. Finbar:  He was the son of an artisan and a lady of the Irish royal court. Born in Connaught, Ireland, and baptized Lochan, he was educated at Kilmacahil, Kilkenny, where the monks named him Fionnbharr (white head) because of his light hair; he is also known as Bairre and Barr. He went on pilgrimage to Rome with some of the monks, visiting St. David in Wales on the way back. Supposedly, on another visit to Rome the Pope wanted to consecrate him a bishop but was deterred by a vision, notifying the pope that God had reserved that honor to Himself, and Finbar was consecrated from heaven and then returned to Ireland. At any rate, he may have preached in Scotland, definitely did in southern Ireland, lived as a hermit on a small island at Lough Eiroe, and then, on the river Lee, founded a monastery that developed into the city of Cork, of which he was the first bishop. His monastery became famous in southern Ireland and attracted numerous disciples. Many extravagant miracles are attributed to him, and supposedly, the sun did not set for two weeks after he died at Cloyne about the year 633. His feast day is September 25th.


Today is National Comic Book Day! It is a super cool day. Share a comic book with a friend today. We don't know of anyone who doesn't like a good comic book. Comic books are great reading. They either tell an ongoing story, provide humor, or offer intrigue and suspense. In all comic books, good eventually prevails over evil. So, comic books always make us feel good.


Fun Fact of the Day: Comic books have great value as a collectors item. Action Comics #1 (June 1938) Origin and First Appearance of Superman - Record sale: $3.2m - Minimum value: $75,000

Have a Great Day!!