St. Paul Junior High and High School

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


CAFETERIA MENU:  Mini corn dogs, green beans, veggie tray, pineapple.  The menu for tomorrow will be:  Walking taco, black beans, sweet potato fries, veggie tray, pears. 


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO:  Ben Kowalski and Kaden Rossman


CAFETERIA MONITOR:   Mrs. Huebinger                        PARKING LOT: Mrs. Meyer




  1.   CLASS OFFICER AND STUDENT COUNCIL elections will be held on Friday in homeroom.  Current 8th graders, Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors may sign up in the main office to get their names on the ballot.  Nominations will be accepted until noon today.


  1.   STUDENTS!! STUDENTS!!!  Just a reminder that your 4th quarter grades determine eligibility for sports in the fall.


  2. SPH ROCKET CLUB will be going to the NASA Plum Brook Station on Friday afternoon.  Please excuse the following:

    Kennedy Beursken       Ally Brown       Kaitlyn Bryant              Ava Caizzo                   Anthony Cefalu

    Julianne Colvin  Dylan Cook      Ryan Hedrick               Maddie Hipp                Anna Kaple

    Chris Kocher                Luke Meyer     A.  Kueterman              Aidan Naseman            Collin Pertner

    Isaac Romell                 Jacob Stanley   Dana Sumpter              Joseph Swope              Bryce Wnek

    Isabella Zimmer


  3.  WRITING CLUB will meet today at lunch.


  4.  SENIOR PROJECTS will be done on Friday afternoon.


  5.   GRADES 8, 9 AND 10 will be taking IOWA tests all morning today.  Students will report to their first period class for attendance and will be dismissed to their test areas over the loud speaker. 


  1.   GRAND MARCH will begin at 6:00pm.  Please be there by 5:45pm to line up.  Prom will begin at 7:00pm at Sawmill.


  2.   LOOKING FOR SERVICE HOURS this summer??  See Ms. Nourse about volunteering at the Norwalk Jaycee’s Strawberry Festival over Memorial Day Weekend (May 26-29).  Also see Ms. Nourse if you are interested in running a 5K or being part of a pie eating contest. 


  1.   HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS BASKETBALL (grades 8-11) sign up meeting this Friday morning at 7:15 in the library.


  2.   DETENTIONS will be held with Mrs. Lucas right after school today for the following:  JJ Lindenberger, Mike Jenkins, Mike Rock, Derek Gross, Connor Stewart.


  3.   GIRLS GRADES 8-11 interested in playing VOLLEYBALL next fall should meet at lunch tomorrow in Coach Miller’s room.





  4.   THE FOLLOWING will be going with the 5th grade to camp May 3-5:  Caroline Parker, Ashley Painley, Sierra Mushett, Hannah Mink, Derek Gross, Mitchel Phillips, Jim Adelman, Hayden Jaworski.


  5.   PROM GUEST FORMS must be in tomorrow.









SENIORS                               JUNIORS                               SOPHOMORES                    FRESHMEN





8TH GRADE                                       7TH GRADE