St. Paul Junior High and High School

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Cafeteria Menu:    Hot dog, chips, baked beans, veggie tray, fruit; Wednesday:  Bosco sticks, green beans, veggie tray, fruit


Happy Birthday to:  Amanda Bocock


Cafeteria Monitor:  Mrs. Meyer                                           Parking Lot:  Mrs. Ruffing




  1.  STUDENTS who did not attend the honors banquet should pick up their awards in the office today if you haven’t already.


TODAY:  (8:00-9:00 Junior High Awards Assembly)   (9:05-10:45 2nd Period Review and Exam)     (10:45-11:15  Lunch)    (11:20-1:00  4th Period Review and Exam)     (1:05-2:45  6th Period Review and Exam)


TOMORROW:   (8:00-9:35 3rd Period Review and Exam)    (9:40-11:15 5th Period Review and Exam)   (11:15-11:45  Lunch)    (11:50-1:30 7th Period Review and Exam)


  1.  CCP COURSES….if you are taking these courses, you are required to attend an orientation and registration meeting on Tuesday, June 5.  This meeting will be at 8:30 in the high school library. 


  2.  REMINDER appointments are not excused during final exam periods.  Students should not be in the hall or go to their lockers during exam periods.


  3.   TRACK EARLY RELEASE today at 12:45 and 11:15 tomorrow: 

    Davis Hedrick              Lilly Dowdell               Megan Hammersmith   Nate Tokarsky              Cam Caizzo

    Caleb Schwan              Holly Powers               Gwen Olcott                 Anna Lukasko              Zach Stine

    Noah Avendano            Clair Ceccoli                Adam Baker                 Camille Endsley








SENIORS                              JUNIORS                              SOPHOMORES                    FRESHMAN



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