St. Paul High School/NCS Junior High Friday Flyer

April 18, 2019

Lunch:  $3.10                           Milk:  $ .50      Lactose Free Milk:  $ .75

04/22/19              No School

04/23/19              Popcorn chicken bowl, fruit cocktail, roll

04/24/19              Hot dog/chili dog, French fries, baked beans, veggie tray, orange slices, Rice Krispie treat

04/25/19              Walking taco, black beans, sweet potato fries, veggie tray, pears

04/26/19              Rotini w/meat sauce, green beans, veggie tray, peaches, garlic toast


                Apr. 22                  No School

                Apr. 24                  Sophomore retreat

                Apr. 25                  IOWA test for all 8th graders

                Apr. 26                  Senior project presentations 11:30 AM – 3 PM in Social Hall

                Apr. 27                  Grand March at Convocation Center and Prom at Sawmill Creek

                Apr. 27-28            Art Show in Gathering Space

                MEAL MAGIC:  Please review your Meal Magic account balance by doing one of the following:

  • Ask the cafeteria cashier
  • Go on-line at  You can follow the “Meal Magic Online Functionality” link on the NCS website to the Getting Started instructions
  • Contact the NCS Business Office at 419-668-3005, x223 for balance information
  • Remember:  Students may not purchase ala carte items when they have a negative account balance
  1. Cafeteria workers for Apr. 23-26:  Zach Pocos, Isaac Romell, Amelia Rospert, Xiomara Rubio, Karlie Rudolph, Andrew Schaffer.  You will need to leave class a few minutes early for lunch duty.  Lunch is $ .40 on the days that you serve.  If you are unable to serve, it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement.
  1. Saturday School from 8 AM – 1 PM:  You can get help with a specific subject, have computer and scan time or bring your binder and get help getting organized!   Come for a while or stay the whole time: Apr. 27 (Mrs. Galati), May 4 (Mrs. Galati), May 11 (Mrs. Swiger), May 18 (Mrs. Swiger), May 25 (Mrs. Swiger)
  1. PARENTS:  The lane in front of the Elementary School is designed FOR BUS USE ONLY before school and from 2:30 – 4 PM.  The crosswalk on Milan Avenue is NOT a drop off area.  Drop off/pick up areas:

                     -- Along Wooster Street by the Convocation Center entrance (PREFERRED)

                     -- In the Social Hall parking lot (Please do not stop in the driveway.  Pull in to a visitor parking spot next

                               to sidewalk.  Have your child go directly to sidewalk rather than walking through parking lot.)

                     -- Further down Marshall Street (past the nearest houses)

  1. Shop News:  Beginning April 20 - May 3 bonus rebates will include Bath and Body Works, Bed, Bath & Beyond, World Market, L.L. Bean, Spa & Wellnes by SpaWeek and SpaFinder.  Visit for all the details.  Place your Shop order online and choose to pay online or send in payment - using the program has never been easier!  Do you need teacher or graduation gifts?  New, limited time, special denominations for the most popular retailers are available to order online.  Contact Kristen Penner, Shop Coordinator, with any questions at  SHOP ORDERS WILL BE TAKEN ON TUESDAY, APRIL 23.