Gardner's SHOP Cards -- are now Miller's Certificates
Miller's Markets have purchased Gardner's Super Valu and will continue to offer our NCS SHOP Program. Manager Dave Hisey says Miller's Market has a long history of community support and that will continue in Norwalk.


"I was fortunate enough to start the Norwalk Catholic School SHOP program a year before my daughter started preschool.  Her first year of preschool was paid for with the SHOP credits my family earned.  This was such an easy thing to do and I was able to get my extended family involved too!."   Current Parent

Want help paying your tuition? Use the  fundraising program that works while you shop. Scrip is simply a word that means “substitute money” – in other words, scrip is gift certificates from national and local retailers. They’re the same gift certificates that you buy at the store.

Local retailers from the Norwalk area include:

Christian Roberts (10% back to your tuition)
Miller's (9% back to your tuition)
Hairway 61 (10% back to your tuition)
Schild's IGA (9% back to your tuition as of September 1st, 2015)
Sheri’s (6% back to your tuition)
and more!

For the two local grocers, go to the service counter, ask them for a gift card for the Norwalk Catholic School Shop program, pay cash or write a check to ‘NCS SHOP’ and they load your card.  KEEP this card because it is reloadable. Every time you go in to one of these grocers, you can put more money on your card.

Many popular retailers participate in our Shop with scrip program including:

Kohls (3.74% back to your tuition)
Bob Evans (9.74% back to your tuition)
Walmart/Sams (2.24% back to your tuition)
Speedway (3.74% back to your tuition)
Red Lobster (8.74% back to your tuition)
Wendy’s and hundreds of others.

The Shop year runs from May 1st through April 30th. Credit earned during that time period are applied to the upcoming school year’s tuition. Earning statements are sent to you at the end of the Shop year in May. Your credit will show up on your tuition bill in June.

During the school year, the order forms MUST be turned in no later than 9am at the school offices on Monday morning.  On Thursday, the cards are then set home with your child, or can be picked up; you select this on the order form.  No school on Monday, no worries. Shop card orders will be placed on Tuesday. Special order days and summer dates, we have them too. Some retailers offer higher percentages back a few times a year. Be watching for these great opportunities.

We know you are going to shop so why not get some extra benefits from it and sign up for the program. It doesn’t cost you anything and you reap the benefits of lower tuition.



SHOP Guidelines

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SHOP Order Form - Updated 2.14.17

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