You might be a teacher if…….

… always, to your family’s embarrassment, turn eating a pizza into a math lesson on fractions.

… ask your friends twice if they need to go to the bathroom before they get into your car.

… have rescued old egg cartons from your neighbor’s recycling box.

… repeat instructions three times and then ask, “Does everyone understand?”

…..meeting a child’s parents instantly solves a mystery for you.

…..stacking piles of papers on the floor seems like a logical filing system to you.

… correct the grammar and spelling on restaurant menus.

… consider a 2.2% pay raise above average.

… have spent a vacation from work taking nine hours of graduate course work.

… tote more keys than a horse has teeth, and you know how many teeth a horse has.

…..your best friend’s vanity plate says “METEACH.”

… find yourself kneeling down to tie your spouse’s shoe.

… have explained to a child that being a rock in the school play is an important role.

…..untied tennis shoes are a fashion statement where you work.

…..when someone mentions “M&M,” you do think of a food group.

… consider a roll of toilet paper on your desk a necessity.

… have considered encouraging a parent to consider home schooling.